Flight Limitations

The flight is considered a scenic areal flight. Scenic flights are restricted to 28 miles from the airport of departure. We are also not allowed to land at any other airport.


Seatbelt Rules

All passengers must remain seated during taxi, takeoff, and landing. We require you to keep your seatbelt on until we are 1000 feet above the ground for your safety.

After it is safe to remove your seatbelt, you are free to move about the cabin and do what ever you'd like.



We value your privacy, and we are discrete about any flight. What you do is completely confidential, and pilots are held to the highest level of discretion.



Safety is our first priority. All our pilots are well qualified and on an FAA-approved drug testing program.  Additionally, we are fully insured.

For anyone who is concerned about airplanes, please know that you will be safer in a plane than on your drive to the airport.



If you or your significant other appear to be intoxicated, we cannot conduct the flight due to Federal Aviation Regulations and in the interest of your safety.