Below is a list of most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find what you need here, contact us.

What can we bring with us?

You can bring what ever you’d like on the plane as long as it is not a firearm, explosive, dangerous, or can cause any damage to the aircraft or interior. However, what you bring is limited to 500 pounds to ensure the plane can keep flying.

How many people can come with?

We can take two in the back, and one person in the front.

What will we see?

We can see all of the following, but what you’d like to see is up to you:

  • Downtown Fort Worth
  • AT&T Stadium
  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • Lakes in the area
  • Towns in the area
  • DFW Airport

What can we do in the back?

You and your significant other may do what ever you’d like in the back. There is complete privacy.

Are there any additional fees?

No, but you will be responsible to pay for any damages. If something were to be ruined by your or your significant other, you will be responsible to compensate us to replace or repair the item.

Is everything sanitary?

After each flight, we thoroughly clean everything, and if something cannot be cleaned, it is replaced.